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Safaris are one of the most rejuvenating experiences. It is an adventure that leaves you in awe of Mother Nature. People have been fascinated by the safari in Sri Lanka for a considerable time now. Sri Lanka has conserved its wildlife and given a chance to the people to observe its beauty. Here are some safaris that should be on everyone’s go-to list!

The safari that will provide you with the best unforgettable experiences is the Yala Safari. Here we have many popular animals such as leopards, elephants and many more exotic birds which will leave you awestruck. The safari is planned impressively and lets you be close to nature and the animals in their natural habitat. The animals are calm and doing their daily chores, and we get to see it all. The whole structure is smartly planned with four gates for entry. The location of the Yala safari is to the south-east part of Colombo.

One of the most popular safaris of Sri Lanka is the Minneriya Safari. It provides a wide spectrum of wildlife to its visitors. Some birds have migrated from hundreds of miles away. There are lions, elephants and many more animals and birds which will take your breath away. The safari provides an extremely exquisite experience to the people. The famous deer of Sri Lanka who grazes alongside the Sri Lankan elephants is a sight to die for. Minneriya safari makes the wildlife seem as real as it can be for you. Watching the animals in their natural habitat is a real treat. Even more, you can also choose the duration of your safari and even plan it according to your needs and desires to have the best experience of your life. To have the best day with this safari, it is advisable to go with a wildlife expert.

The udawalawe safari of Sri Lanka is the best safari if you want to see the famous Sri Lankan elephants. This place too has leopards, birds that are exotic but most of all beautiful elephants. The prime reason is the reservoir that is built here where all the elephants gather to drink water. The other animals residing here are the tiger, sloth bears, and exquisite varieties of deer, bears and migratory birds. To top it all, they even have beautiful birds which float on water and contribute to the beauty of the safari.